Spring 2020 payment is due in full by 4pm on January 2nd for students paying in person at the student accounts office or midnight for online transactions.

Meal Plans are no longer mandatory for commuters this semester. Commuter students wanting a meal plan should select a Commuter Meal Plan.

Selections from this portal should post to your Claw Card within 24-48 business hours.

You can select a meal plan using the below "Continue to Marketplace" link. The selection will require a credit or debit card payment

All plans offer flexible options with Munch Money and/or meals.

The Block plan allows students to purchase a certain number of meals to use any time over the course of the semester at the Dining Hall. All meals are per semester; any remaining meals on your plan do not roll over to the next semester. They must be used in the semester purchased or they will be removed from your account on or around the last day of the semester.

For questions or concerns, please email clawcard@ggc.edu

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